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About us

The Ling Group of companies are a dynamic organisation based in Kent. Started in 1982 by Robin Ling, the business was originally centred on metal recycling. With the demise of the British coal mines in the mid 1980s, the business diversified into demolition, specialising in the dismantling of large structures such as bunkers, conveyor gantries, and screen towers found on the mine surfaces. Further large scale industrial building demolition followed.

As the company’s reputation grew, further diversification took place with contract work won and undertaken for local authorities, such as Kent County Council. During the last 5 years, we have successfully recycled over 300,000 fridges, thus saving 8 tonnes of CFC gas from damaging the atmosphere and ensuring that Kent did not have ‘a fridge mountain’.

With each area of further environmental legislation issued, the group has expanded again to encompass items such as tyre recycling, end of life vehicles, battery recycling and waste electronic and electrical equipment (WEEE).

Helping your business contribute to a clean and green world

Looking towards the future, the aim of the group is clear: to promote and encourage further recycling through various activities, whether existing or new, based on any further environmental legislation issued. Towards this end, we are currently in the process of designing a new state of the art recycling centre for Kent.

We pride ourselves in a rapid response to any enquiry, large or small, followed by a detailed appraisal of the works, which enables us to produce cost effective solutions to your problems and at a price others find hard to match.

Whatever the size of the work, if you want a professional service at a competitive price, give us a call. We promise that you will not be disappointed.

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